Reducing the Dropout Rate at the End of Secondary School

While this guide is designed primarily to help prevent Secondary IV and V students from dropping out of school, it can also be applied, to a lesser degree, with students who have already dropped out. It describes actions that research has shown to be effective and gives an overview of what can be accomplished by various stakeholders concerned with students’ success: school administrators, parents, teachers, guidance counsellors, other professionals and the students themeselves. These effective actions can also be used to enhance various aspects of student life, such as students’ feeling of belonging to their school, their academic learning, and their learning and work possibilities.

This guide enables schools to compile an inventory of the measures they have already instituted and other steps they could take to prevent more Secondary IV and V students from dropping out, or to get students who left school without obtaining a diploma to return to their studies.


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2014-05-21 Guide (1.2 MB)