Recognition of Prior Learning and Competencies in Vocational and Technical Training - General and Technical Frameworks


This document describes the main characteristics of the proposed model and its general and technical framework. It is divided into two parts. Part I, entitled General Framework, describes the context surrounding the recognition of prior learning in Québec. It provides a brief history of the system over the past few years, defines what is meant by recognition of prior learning and competencies, and outlines its basic principles. It also presents the issues and priorities that the Ministère intends to pursue, in collaboration with its partners, in order to ensure the implementation of an approach that is both harmonized and better suited to upgrading the competencies of the work force and nurturing a culture of continuing education and training in Québec.

Part II of the document, entitled Technical Framework, presents the mechanisms put in place by the Ministère in accordance with the priorities and issues of the harmonized approach. It contains a description of the tools used to recognize prior learning, an overview of the revised process adapted to the new parameters of the harmonized approach, and a brief presentation of the recognition of prior learning and competencies Web site.