Proactivity: Principles of Action Based on Experiential Knowledge - Action Research Analysis - SARCA

For the Ministère, reception, referral, counselling and support services are a strategic link between their milieu and continuing education and training services. Some of their functions may only be properly executed if permanent links are established with this milieu (for example, for information, referral and monitoring support) (2004a, p. 40). This is especially the case for the proactivity function that is now attributed to SARCA. The SB will have to assume responsibility for the promotion of SARCA and develop proactivity in order to reach the goals set by implementing activities in the communities and innovative means for promotion and information. The proactivity function is therefore defined as one of the general responsibilities that "involve an active relationship between the services and the community and its different players (MELS, 2006, p. 16). More specifically, proactivity measures "involve interaction with the community, and partnership, which demonstrates a desire to contribute as a member of the community"  (MELS, 2006, p. 16).