The Québec government is extending trusteeship for the English-Montréal School Board

Québec City, May 4, 2020. ― The Québec government has announced that the English-Montréal School Board (EMSB) will continue to be under trusteeship for the next six months. This will make it possible to continue the work of restructuring the school board administration and allow for long-lasting implementation of best practices regarding governance.

During this period, Marlene Jennings will continue to serve as administrator and continue to be assisted by Deloitte.

The extension of trusteeship will allow the administrator to ensure that the action plan is implemented and to put the educational mission back at the top of the organization’s priorities.


“The decision to extend trusteeship for the EMSB is necessary, despite the delicate situation involved. It will allow us to continue to implement best practices within the organization and ensure that they continue to be followed. I would like to thank the administrator, Marlene Jennings, who has agreed to continue to serve in this position for the next several months. Her professionalism and commitment allow us to believe that there will be better days ahead for the EMSB.”

Jean-François Roberge, Minister of Education and Higher Education

 Key facts:

The inquiry into the EMSB, ordered by Minister Roberge in January of this year after a series of allegations were levelled at the Board, shed light on the following points, among others:

  • major deficiencies in the management of the public funds entrusted to the EMSB
  • a poor understanding of the roles and responsibilities of elected school board officials
  • excessive politicization of decision-making to the detriment of the interests of the students, parents and school staff
  • irregularities in the awarding of contracts
  • irregularities in the management of the school board’s human resources