Intervention at the Second Stage of Reception - 2008-2009 - Reference Document

This guide is intended for personnel who accompany adults who have to prepare a report on an interview at the second stage of reception, as well as for administrators who have to make organizational decisions based on these reports.

The guide explains the context of the reorganization of reception practices in the school boards. It reiterates the goals of the Ministère based on the Government Policy on Adult Education and Continuing Education and Training and presents the main orientations of SARCA and the role of the second stage of reception within it. The interests of the various actors in the reorganization of SARCA as regards declaration in MELS' computer systems are described. The final section indicates the elements of the adult's file that must be included in the report on the interview at the second stage of reception in the Charlemagne system.


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2015-04-16 Intervention Second Niveau Accueil 2008-2009 a (478.6 KB)