Internship Practicums in School Settings - New Horizons to Explore - Brief to the Minister

The 1992 reform emphasized augmenting teacher training in order to give a substantial role to internship practicums in school settings: a minimum of 700 hours throughout the new four-year bachelor of education program and, of course, a practicum of significant duration in the last year of studies. However, this minimum has often been interpreted as a maximum and the content of "internship practicums in school settings" is not understood uniformly.

In a document on practicums, the Ministère presented the framework for "practical training,"1 both in university (practical exercises integrated into theoretical courses, observation and laboratory experiments, role-playing, etc.) and in practicums in schools, which would make it possible to "experience the complexity of the act of teaching."2 This concept is fundamental to understanding the teaching profession, because it has to be taken into account in the training of future teachers: the education system is no longer monolithic, if it ever was.