Guide for Students and Teachers - Acting as a Student Representative on a Governing Board

Secondary Cycle Two instruction must have student representatives on their governing boards. These students must already have been elected to sit on the school's student committee. This Acti-Jeunes guide has therefore been developed to help students understand the role they will play as members of the governing board. It provides answers to questions raised by students and their resource persons, and responds to their needs by suggesting various training activities. The activities will allow students to take a more dynamic approach and hone their skills as they take part in implementing their school's educational project.

In addition, this guide contains an overview of the new values of partnership that underlie the concept of governing boards, an outline description of how each board is constituted, an examination of the attitudes the student representatives must develop if they are to play their role to the full, and information on deliberative assemblies. The Appendix contains training activities and a support kit to be photocopied and handed out to interested students at the beginning of the school year.