Girls and Boys, Let’s Get Along! - A Teaching Guide for Promoting Egalitarian Relationships Between the Sexes in Elementary School

To ensure the success and harmonious development of young people, it is necessary to act early and to promote egalitarian relationships between girls and boys from the early stages of their schooling. Both learning content and a heightened awareness of school personnel about these matters can contribute to changing students’ attitudes and behaviours. In this respect, the new Québec Education Program1 offers many opportunities for examining the concepts of sexual equality and respect for differences, while taking part in learning activities. The issues related to these concepts are most often addressed in the broad areas of learning. 

This guide is intended for elementary teachers and aims to:

  • foster students’ awareness about egalitarian relationships between girls and boys and about respecting differences
  • provide teachers with suggestions for learning situations that enable them to take these concepts into consideration when teaching the Québec Education Program