Expression of the learning needs of adults with little schooling: proactive strategies and mesures (SARCA)

If they are to achieve sociovocational integration or reintegration, adults with little formal education need help choosing training that meets their needs. This role should not, however, be the exclusive responsibility of SARCA staff members; to obtain significant and lasting results, all those who work with these adults must pool their efforts. It is essential to foster adults’ involvement by adopting a collaborative approach and taking proactive measures based on partnership.

This document, based on research and practices in the community, proposes strategies and actions that promote the expression of adults’ learning needs, especially those of adults with little schooling. It is intended for all those involved in the various aspects of the expression of adults’ learning needs:

  • Directors of adult education centres, of adult general education centres and of vocational training centres
  • People in charge of SARCA services
  • People responsible for facilitation in the community, client recruitment in school boards or autonomous community groups.


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2015-04-16 Reference document (3.5 MB)