Establishing a Common Understanding of the Ethical Dimensions of the Teaching Profession - Brief to the Minister of Education

According to the Education Act, "in keeping with the principle of equality of opportunity, the mission of a school is to impart knowledge to students, foster their social development and give them qualifications, while enabling them to undertake and achieve success in a course of study. A school shall pursue its mission within the framework of an educational project implemented by means of a success plan."

The Québec Education Program lays out this mission in detail and provides a frame of reference for teachers. Although school is not the only place where young people learn, it plays a crucial role in the their intellectual and social development. In a pluralist society, "schools must act as agents of social cohesion by helping students learn how to live together and by fostering a feeling of belonging to the community .... It is thus essential that schools show a concern for students' social and emotional development, promote the fundamental values of democracy and ensure that young people act like responsible citizens in a manner commensurate with their age."