Definition of the domain for summative evaluation - Physics - Secondary V - Forces and Energy

This definition of the domain for summative evaluation describes and classifies the essential and representative elements of the Physics Program - specifically, for the course entitled Forces and Energy. It presents an overview of the program, but should by no means replace the program itself. The purpose of defining the domain is to ensure that all summative evaluation instruments are consistent with the overall program.

The organization of this definition of the domain is the same as that of those of other courses. The content of each section is, however, specific to the Forces and Energy course.

The definition of the domain for summative evaluation is used to prepare examinations that are valid from one version to another, from year to year, and from one school board to another, taking into account the responsibilities shared by the Ministère and the school boards.


Date Title
2015-04-16 Def Dom Examen Physique5e Sec a (358.9 KB)