Decentralization, Regionalization and Adaptation – Jamais deux sans trois

The presentation of the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports to the Table Québec-Régions (TQR) on February 9, 2006, on the topic of Decentralization, Regionalization and Adaptation (DRA) is seen by the members of the Advisory Board on English Education (ABEE) as a significant pronouncement.

While the Advisory Board understands that the dossier is an evolving one and that there will be various developments and policy and structural adjustments involving the MELS and the school system, in concert with the government and the other ministries, in the months and years to come, the Advisory Board decided that it wanted to communicate its observations to the Minister at this time so that certain aspects of DRA as they affect the English-speaking community and the English-language educational institutions can be taken into consideration as the Minister’s reflections progress.


Date Title
2013-11-06 Report – Decentralization, Regionalization and Adaptation (159.7 KB)