Briefs Submitted to the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports — 2012

  1. The Importance of Complementary Educational Services for School Success
    This brief stems from the Minister’s recognition, in her February 2011 visit to the Advisory Board on English Education, of the need to improve the provision of complementary educational services, an issue that continues to be a problem for all English boards, and that is particularly acute in the regions.
  2. Establishing Boundaries for Safe Schools
    In its letter to the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports of January 31, 2012, the Advisory Board on English Education (ABEE) outlined five principles that it feels are important in considering the issue of violence in schools [...] This memorandum will elaborate on these principles and propose some strategies for improving safety in schools. It will conclude with nine recommendations addressing strategies for creating safe schools that are relevant to the school community as well as to the Minister.