Briefs Submitted to the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports — 2011

  1. Response to the Minister's Request for Advice on Implementation of Intensive English Instruction for Francophone Students in Grade 6
    The Advisory Board on English Education welcomes the Minister’s request for advice on how to offer more English-learning opportunities to francophone students. The Board understands that this initiative to institute Intensive English at Grade 6 in French-language schools will be mandated by the Ministère, it will conform to the requirements of the Charter of the French Language, and it will not be centred on a content-based model of English immersion.
  2. Bridging the Gap Between Training and Employment to Meet Labour Market Needs: Issues Affecting the Anglophone Sector
    In this memorandum, the Advisory Board on English Education will focus on issues relevant to the English sector in the provision of vocational and technical training (VTT) and will address the questions posed during the regional consultations on bridging the gap between training and the labour market.