At the Same School - Students With Handicaps, Social Maladjustments or Learning Difficulties: Enrollment and Student Progress in Public Schools

In December 2006, the Table de pilotage du renouveau pédagogique (Education reform steering committee) submitted its report on the application of the Québec Education Program - Elementary Sector to the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports. Among other recommendations, this report suggested that the Ministère "take inventory of the students with special needs being integrated into regular classes and the status of so-called ‘special classes' in regular elementary and secondary schools, while at the same time examining the educational path and academic success of the students in question."

This report is instrumental in implementing this recommendation and focuses primarily on the status of special classes in regular schools. It provides a statistical overview of the situation compiled with administrative data available from the Ministère as well as data gathered from those in charge of special education at the various school boards.