A single non-confessional program: Educational choices for each school - Advice from the protestant committee to the Minister of Education on the place of religion in schools

The report Religion in Secular Schools: A New Perspective for Québec produced by the Task Force on the Place of Religion in Schools in Québec outlines a number of events in the field of education in Québec over the past few years which have led to a debate of the place of religion in our schools. The quality of the research and the systematic presentation of historic and contemporary facts in the Task Force's report makes a significant contribution to this continuing debate.

Members of the Protestant Committee support the principle which guided the Task Force in the development of its position: that all citizens are equal and that the State must adopt a neutral position with regard to confessionality so as to show no religious discrimination in the management of public affairs. We also believe, like the Task Force, that individuals and minority groups must be able to protect their basic rights and interests, even if the majority is of a contrary opinion.