A common framework for developing an individualized education plan to promote cooperation and follow-up with respect to students with handicaps, social maladjustments or learning difficulties

Support measures and personalized follow-up are necessary to help students with handicaps, social maladjustments or learning difficulties progress in their schooling and to foster their success. Accordingly, an individualized education plan must be developed in collaboration with the student, his or her parents and the staff members concerned.

To facilitate this process, the Ministère, in collaboration with a number of partners, has developed an interactive electronic version of a provincewide framework for developing individualized education plans. This framework can be used by any public or private educational institution in Québec. A user's guide has been available on this page since August 2011.

The framework will also be accessible through SPI (Suivi personnalisé Internet), an application already in use in many school boards since September 2011. SPI allows the secure transfer of individualized education plans between schools or school boards in order to provide continuity of services.

The use of this tool by educational institutions will promote the following:

  • a common understanding (especially by parents) of the individualized education plan
  • closer cooperation among personnel
  • a focus on the process and the student's needs
  • better preparation of personnel
  • rapid transfer of information between school boards
  • easier management of a school's individualized education plans
  • archiving of and ready access to any individualized education plans developed for a given student
  • updating of common definitions of the needs, capacities and objectives recorded in the individualized education plan

The framework is user-friendly and comes with an interactive user's guide that provides access to online assistance at any time. Training and support will be offered when it is launched.


Date Title
2013-08-21 Framework (413.3 KB)
2013-08-21 Additional sheet (objectives) (21.9 KB)
2013-08-21 Framework (388.6 KB)
2013-08-21 Guide to Using the Framework (416.1 KB)
2013-08-21 Additional sheet (objectives) (39.1 KB)