A new music-oriented school

École Félix-Leclerc

The Commission scolaire de l’Énergie recently inaugurated its first music-oriented school. At École Félix-Leclerc, all students can now enjoy rewarding experiences and thrive in a unique musical environment that will lead to increased self-knowledge and openness to the world—factors that will foster their academic success. In this way, the school has adopted an educational approach of recognizing and developing the musical abilities of any student who wants to join the choir or play the recorder, violin, guitar, piano or a percussion instrument.

The students become engaged not only in the learning of music, but also in the production of their own artistic events by managing the creation of programs, staging, invitations, sets, etc. The students develop their autonomy, sense of responsibility, solidarity and leadership skills. Whether they are trying their hand at being decorators, technicians, creators, publicists, animators, hosts, actors, singers, instrumentalists, directors or producers, they will explore the thousand and one trades related to musical culture.

École Félix-Leclerc can be proud of having developed a pedagogical model unique to its region by combining music literacy and other subject areas. Congratulations!