A “flexible” classroom at École Christ-Roi

École Christ-Roi

Since September, Elementary 6 students at École Christ-Roi have had the opportunity to learn in a flexible classroom space. They have the choice to work standing or sitting—on a stability ball, a modified milk crate, a wobble chair, the floor or a regular chair.

The classroom, which has no desks, has evolved and transformed to best meet each student’s needs. Since each work space is different, one group of students might choose to learn at a round standing table or a low table, while another might opt for a bench with cushions in the corner.

The teacher invites her students to sit at tables for lecture-based teaching and lets them choose their spot for practical exercises. The benefits of having such a comfortable and welcoming space in their daily lives are a real boon to the students’ motivation to learn.

Congratulations to École Christ-Roi on this wonderful initiative!