Advantages of studying in Québec

The quality of life in Quebec is exceptional. Students from all over the world are drawn to the province because of its outstanding advantages. Each year, more than 50 000 students from different countries choose to study in Québec.

Discover what makes Québec the place you want to be.

Excellence in education
Québec’s education system is set apart by its many internationally recognized programs.
Ultramodern infrastructures
Institutions of higher learning all across Québec are equipped with high-tech laboratories, computer labs, sports facilities and performance halls.
Affordable cost of living
Tuition fees for international students and the cost of living in Québec are among the lowest in North America.
Safe living conditions
Québec is recognized as a just, respectful, egalitarian, inclusive and democratic society. The crime rate is one of the lowest in North America.
Lively cultural scene
Every year, a multitude of large-scale cultural and international events—festivals, carnivals, art exhibitions and sports events—take place all across Québec.
Charm of city living
Québec’s major cities offer an exquisite blend of North American modernity and European charm.
Wide-open natural spaces
The province offers an abundance of impressive vistas as well as numerous lakes and rivers, a vast boreal forest, a fjord and a majestic river. There are several provincial parks where visitors can admire unique landscapes while taking part in sporting and leisure activities that vary with the seasons.

Interested in studying in Québec? Find more about the Québec education system and the steps to take to study in Québec.


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