Challenges : An educational approach that facilitates social integration - Secondary Level

The present document contains an adapted curriculum aimed at fostering the social integration of students aged 16 to 21 who have moderate to severe intellectual impairments.

The original French version of the present program, entitled DÉFIS (for "Démarche éducative favorisant l'intégration sociale") was the result of a consultative process involving ten schools milieux, followed by the exemplary work of two individuals who with extensive teaching experience: Lucie Provost and Jacques Lemay.

The present English version was produced following consultation with the Québec English sector via 20 members of CASER, the Committee of Anglophone Special Education Responsables.

This program takes into account recent available data on the cognitive and emotional characteristics of the students. Its aim is the development of the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are essential for integration into today's society. For young adults between the ages of 16 and 21, community living and preparing for the job market are areas of top priority.


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2013-10-22 Challenges - Secondary Level - Preliminary version (285.5 KB)