To find or change your permanent code

The permanent code is a unique identifying code assigned by the Ministère de l’Éducation to all students who attend an educational institution in Québec. It is an alphanumeric code composed of four letters and eight numbers that is usually indicated on:

  • report cards and transcripts issued by schools, colleges, universities or the Ministère
  • general education, vocational training or college education diplomas
  • certain official documents personally addressed to you from Aide financière aux études or the Ministère de l’Éducation

If you do not have a permanent code, contact the admissions department of your educational institution.

If you cannot find your permanent code, you can either call the Ministère’s General Information or fill in this form Cet hyperlien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre..

Change your identifying information

If you need to change your identifying information following an event or because of an error, you must:

  • contact your current educational institution, if you are still a student
  • fill in and submit this form Cet hyperlien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre. if you are no longer a student

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Appreciation Form
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