Winners 2017-2018

Throughout Québec, school staff help our young people obtain their passports to success through reading. The Ministère salutes the contributions of seven of these exceptional educators.

Marc Campeau and Olivier Ménard

Commission scolaire du Val-des-Cerfs

Olivier Ménard and Marc Campeau are an inseparable team. Every day they visit secondary schools to share their passion for reading with students and various stakeholders in education. In one year, these energetic leaders carried out more than 400 activities in elementary and secondary schools, as well as at a vocational training centre within their school board. They also developed partnerships with different community, municipal and extracurricular organizations to better reach the children and to convince as many professionals as possible to integrate reading into their practices. These reading superheroes are models for readers and extraordinary librarians for the children and parents in their community.

Anouk Simpson

École Jeanne-Mance
Commission scolaire de Montréal

Year after year, Anouk Simpson manages to motivate young teens with dyslexia and dysorthographia to read. In class, she introduces her students to a variety of literary genres and uses books insightfully to teach French and grammar concepts set out in the Québec Education Program, and to make connections with other subject areas. Every year, she organizes trips to the Grande Bibliothèque and the Salon du livre de Montréal, which become exciting adventures thanks to her contagious enthusiasm. Always seeking to motivate her students to read, she invites authors to her classroom to present their variou literary and graphic styles. With Anouk Simpson, books are a portal to exciting worlds that the students discover with a constant sense of wonder.

Gigi Nadeau

Riverside School Board

A real book lover, Gigi Nadeau is a librarian for 18 elementary schools under the Riverside School Board. Ever attentive to the students’ and teachers’ needs and tastes, she works to build up a collection that reflects the clientele in her schools. Always full of ideas, Gigi sits on school library committees, trains parent volunteers, collaborates on different projets with education consultants and is a member of all the school teams. She is warm and approachable, interested in everyone she meets, and she knows how to inspire children to read.

Brigitte Fortin

École Pointe-Olivier
Commission scolaire des Hautes-Rivières

Brigitte Fortin’s enthusiasm is contagious. As a teacher passionate about children’s overall development, she has created some 30 activities involving children’s literature to help her students develop their emotional intelligence and ability to relate to others. At various forums and conventions, she has shared her experience and observations with other teachers interested in the potential of books to teach readers about relating to others. With her help, many children have benefitted from activities about getting along with others and the ability to name and express their emotions.

Lucile Denys

Resource teacher
École Notre-Dame-des-Rapides
Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys

As a fairly new resource teacher, Lucile Denys has shown, in just a few months, exceptional initiative and professional involvement. In collaboration with the school team, she has constantly shared and applied her knowledge to improve teaching practices at the school. She developed a reading and play activity called “Lisons et jouons” for parents who want to help their children with their reading. Using teaching practices based on shared reading and children’s literature, Lucile Denys has inspired a sense of belonging to a learning community, particularly among allophone parents and parents whose children have special needs. She is a model for the next generation of teachers devoted to their students’ academic success.

Olivier Dezutter

Université de Sherbrooke

Olivier Dezutter has an important place in education in Québec. For 16 years he has been involved in training secondary school French teachers, and he is recognized in the fields of research and training young researchers in teaching reading and literature. He has worked tirelessly to narrow the gap between universities, schools and the cultural milieu; he has collaborated on different studies, such as “Lire et faire lire,” which support the development of sustainable reading habits in all socioeconomic circles. He is founder and co-director of Collectif CLÉ, which brings together researchers from a number of universities and CEGEPs, and has published extensively on the subject of teaching reading and learning to read. Over the years, hundreds of teachers and, through them, thousands of young people have benefitted from Olivier Dezutter’s teaching, writing and innovative projects.

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