Order of Excellence in Education

The 2nd edition of the Order of Excellence in Education has been launched. The deadline for receipt of nominations is June 18, 2019.

The Québec Order of Excellence in Education gives concrete expression to the Québec government’s desire to officially recognize the merits of those who have distinguished themselves by their contribution to the improvement of education in the province.

The Order is designed to:

  •     recognize the merits of those who work in the field of education and higher education in Québec (teachers, various non-teaching professionals, administrators, civil servants, volunteers, etc.)
  •     highlight significant local, regional and provincial contributions of stakeholders in the Québec education system
  •     contribute to the development of the Québec education system

Nomination process

The Minister of Education and of Higher Education may appoint to the Order, on the recommendation of the Order of Excellence Council, any person born or residing in Québec. The Minister may also appoint persons born or residing in another country, for the purpose of recognizing their contributions to the Québec education system.  

To be appointed to the Order is to become a member of a community of individuals who share the same merits. The Order comprises three titles (Member, Distinguished Member and Emeritus Member) that enable its members to advance within its ranks, and to be rewarded more than once for their contributions to the field of education.

Submitting a nomination for promotion

A Member will become eligible for nomination for promotion within the Order five years after being appointed to the Order. The Member must have made new and significant contributions to justify the nomination for promotion.

Nominations for promotion must be submitted during the annual nomination period. A form will be provided for this purpose.

Individuals may not nominate themselves for promotion within the Order.


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Contact the Order

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  • 418-644-3468, extension 3635

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Appreciation Form
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