New Technologies Prizes (MESI)


In addition to the answers to the four mandatory questions, the candidate's portfolio must include the answers to the following questions (a maximum of one page):

  • What are the issues in your field that you are most passionate about?
  • In your opinion, what are the best methods to encourage girls to choose a career in state-of-the-art technology? More specifically, how to interest them in the training that you have chosen?

For technologists and other scientists

The Ministère de l'Économie, de la Science et de l'Innovation (MESI) awards two cash prizes of $2000, one to a student enrolled in vocational training and one to a student enrolled in technical training.

Eligible programs

  • Aircraft Maintenance (DCS)
  • Aircraft Mechanical Assembly (DVS)
  • Aircraft Structural Assembly (DVS)
  • Automated Systems Electromechanics (DVS)
  • Building Systems Technology (DCS)
  • Civil Engineering Technology (DCS)
  • Computer Science Technology (DCS)
  • Computing Support (DVS)
  • Diemaking (AVS)
  • Electrotechnology (DCS)
  • Engineering Physics Technology (DCS)
  • Fabrication de moules (AVS)
  • Industrial Construction and Maintenance Mechanics (DVS)
  • Industrial Maintenance Technology (DCS)
  • Installation and Repair of Telecommunication Equipment (DVS)
  • Machining Techniques (DVS)
  • Mécanique d’entretien en commandes industrielles (AVS)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology (DCS)
  • Mise en oeuvre de matériaux composites (DVS)
  • Montage de câbles et de circuits (DVS)
  • Moulding Machine Set-up and Operation (DVS)
  • Numerical Control Machine Tool Operation (AVS)
  • Precision Sheet Metal Work (DVS)
  • Production Equipment Operation (DVS)
  • Techniques d’avionique (DCS)
  • Techniques de génie aérospatial (DCS)
  • Techniques de génie mécanique de marine (DCS)
  • Techniques de la plasturgie (DCS)
  • Techniques de transformation des matériaux composites (DCS)
  • Technologie de l’électronique industrielle (DCS)
  • Technologie de la géomatique (DCS)
  • Technologie de systèmes ordinés (DCS)
  • Technologie du génie industriel (DCS)
  • Toolmaking (AVS)

Additional information

To learn more about the Ministère de l'Économie, de la Science et de l'Innovation (MESI), go to their website Cet hyperlien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre..