Networking Skills Prizes (MEI) - Excellence in Science

The importance of a professional network for your career

The Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation (MEI) awards a prize of $2000 to a student who demonstrates an ability to establish and maintain constructive and durable relationships that have had a positive impact on her department in a traditionally male-dominated field of activity.


In addition to the answers to the five general questions, the candidate’s application package must include the answers to the following questions (a maximum of one page):

  1. Describe the group or groups that you are a part of and your contribution. (Describe: type of group or association, number of participants, mission, activities, commitments, etc.)
  2. How did your involvement in the group or groups affect them, the educational institution, student life, the field of activities, etc.?
  3. What motivated you to become involved with the group or groups?

Additional information

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Appreciation Form
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