Employment Prospects Prizes

Have you chosen a program that focuses on the future?

The Ministère awards two cash prizes of $2000, one to a graduating student enrolled in a traditionally male-dominated vocational training program and the other to a graduating student enrolled in a traditionally male-dominated technical training program that offers the best employment prospects and in which an increase in enrolment is advisable in order to fill the available jobs.

Specific condition

Candidates for these prizes must have completed their program of study before June 30, 2018.


In addition to the answers to the compulsory questions, the candidate’s application package must include the answer to the following question (a maximum of one page):

  1. In your opinion, what are the best methods to encourage young women to choose a program of study that offers the best employment prospects?

Eligible programs of study1

  • Aircraft Maintenance (DCS)
  • Architectural Technology (DCS)
  • Building Systems Technology (DCS)
  • Cable and Circuit Assembly (DVS)
  • Civil Engineering Technology (DCS)
  • Computer Engineering Technology (DCS)
  • Computer Science Technology (DCS)
  • Computing Support (DVS)
  • Construction Equipment Mechanics (DVS)
  • Diamond Drilling (DCS)
  • Diemaking (DVS)
  • Electrotechnology (DCS)
  • Engineering Physics Technology (DCS)
  • Fabrication de moules (AVS)
  • Gestion et technologies d’entreprise agricole (DCS)
  • Grandes cultures (DVS)
  • Machining Techniques (DVS)
  • Mécanique agricole (DVS)
  • Mécanique de véhicules lourds routiers (DVS)
  • Mécanique spécialisée d’équipement lourd (AVS)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology (DCS)
  • Metallurgical Technology (DCS)
  • Modelage (DVS)
  • Numerical Control Machine Tool Operation (AVS)
  • Ore Extraction (DCS)
  • Production acéricole (DVS)
  • Production animale (DVS)
  • Production Equipment Operation (DVS)
  • Production horticole (DVS)
  • Stationary Engine Mechanics (DVS)
  • Techniques d’avionique (DCS)
  • Techniques de génie aérospatial (DCS)
  • Techniques de la logistique du transport (DCS)
  • Techniques de la plasturgie (DCS)
  • Techniques de transformation des matériaux composites (DCS)
  •  Techniques d’intégration multimédia (DCS)
  • Techniques du meuble et d’ébénisterie (DCS)
  • Technologie de la géomatique (DCS)
  • Technologie de la production horticole et de l’environnement (DCS)
  • Technologie de l’architecture navale (DCS)
  • Technologie de l’électronique industrielle (DCS)
  • Technologie de l’estimation et de l’évaluation en bâtiment (DCS)
  • Technologie du génie industriel (DCS)
  • Technologie minérale (DVS)
  • Toolmaking (DVS)

Additional information

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1. Note that the selected programs of study are included in the Top 54 promising trades and occupations.

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