Construction Site Equality Prizes (CCQ)

Attention all future female construction workers or entrepreneurs

The Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) awards two cash prizes of $2000 to students enrolled in a program of study leading to a trade or occupation in the construction industry, or who would like to start a construction business.


In addition to the answers to the four mandatory questions, the candidate's portfolio must include the answers to the following questions (a maximum of one page):

Construction Site Equality Prizes – Future Female Construction Worker Division

  • What will you do to successfully integrate into a team consisting mostly of men and to acquire a variety of work-related experiences (for example, when working on a construction site for the purpose of becoming a journeyman)?
  • How will you respond if you or one of your colleagues is exposed to inappropriate remarks or actions or to prejudices relating to the presence of women on a construction site?


Construction Site Equality Prizes – Future Female Construction Entrepreneur Division

  • How will you carve out a place for yourself as a female entrepreneur in order to have your company recognized as being a thriving enterprise?
  • As a female entrepreneur, what actions will you take to foster male-female equality in the workplace and to offer healthy working conditions (free of harassment, discrimination, etc.)?

Eligible programs

  • Arpentage et topographie (DVS)
  • Calorifugeage (DVS)
  • Carpentry (DVS)
  • Chaudronnerie (DVS)
  • Civil Engineering Technology (DCS)
  • Commercial and Residential Painting (DVS)
  • Conduite d’engins de chantier (DVS)
  • Conduite de grues (DVS)
  • Electricity (DVS)
  • Elevator Mechanics (DVS)
  • Forage et dynamitage (DVS)
  • High Pressure Welding (AVS)
  • Industrial Construction and Maintenance Mechanics (DVS)
  • Installation de revêtements souples (DVS)
  • Installation et entretien de systèmes de sécurité (DVS)
  • Installation et fabrication de produits verriers (DVS)
  • Masonry: Bricklaying (DVS)
  • Mécanique d’engins de chantier (DVS)
  • Mécanique de protection contre les incendies (DVS)
  • Montage de lignes électriques (DVS)
  • Montage structural et architectural (DVS)
  • Plastering (DVS)
  • Plongée professionnelle (ACS)
  • Plumbing and Heating (DVS)
  • Pose d’armature du béton (DVS)
  • Pose de revêtements de toiture (DVS)
  • Pose de systèmes intérieurs (DVS)
  • Preparing and Finishing Concrete (DVS)
  • Refrigeration (DVS)
  • Restauration de maçonnerie (AVS)
  • Sheet Metal Work (DVS)
  • Tiling (DVS)
  • Welding and Fitting (DVS)

Additional information

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