Focus of the Competency

Québec society is a pluralist society with regard to beliefs. It is open to the world, in particular, as a result of access to various means of communication. Members of Québec society are often witness to the phenomenon of religion not only because of its buildings, works of art or street names, which are part of its historical heritage, but also because of a diversity of food- and clothing-related practices and how persons or groups promote values that are important to them. These various forms of religious expression constitute a significant heritage, which, over time, is renewed and evolves as a result of new cultural contributions.

Living together in our society requires that we gain an understanding of the phenomenon of religion. In this program, the goal is to encourage students to understand the various forms of religious expression, grasp the complexity of the phenomenon and gain perspective on the various dimensions: experiential, historical, doctrinal, moral, ritual, literary, artistic, social or political. Development of the competency Demonstrates an understanding of the phenomenon of religion demands recourse to varied and credible sources to explore the meaning of different forms of religious expression. The competency presupposes the ability to associate forms of expression with their respective religion and to make connections between diverse elements of the social and cultural environment, both here and elsewhere in the world. Demonstrating an understanding of the phenomenon of religion also involves studying various ways of thinking, being and acting that stem from different contexts, regardless of whether they are religious or not.