Focus of the Competency

In a pluralist society such as ours, diverse values and norms coexist and are taken into account by individuals when they consider ethical issues. In such a context, it is important to develop a capacity to think for oneself, to use critical and creative thinking, to guard against the consequences of passivity and moralism, and also to be cognizant of and respect the basic values of Québec society.

In this program, reflecting on ethical questions enables examining the significance of various types of conduct, as well as the values and norms that guide members of a society with respect to community life. Indispensable for making wise choices, the competency Reflects on ethical questions requires developing a reflective process. Ethical questions are addressed by means of situations that involve values or norms, and which present a problem to be solved or a subject for reflection. For example, problems will be treated involving balanced relations within a group or society, the distribution of wealth among peoples or protection of the environment. Topics could involve universal themes such as happiness, friendship or justice. Regardless, the situation must highlight tensions or conflicting values.