Winners 2018-2019

Élyse Dion

Education consultant
Commission scolaire des Sommets

Élyse Dion is really one of a kind! She is passionate about student success and devotes practically all her time and energy to it. She seems to know everything about literacy and willingly shares all her knowledge. Ms. Dion is always available to help her colleagues, explain concepts or organize activities. As the organizer of the Reading Recognition Awards for over 15 years, she knew how to make every event a success. For her commitment, professionalism and dedication to supporting literacy in young people, she is more than deserving of this honour. 

No matter what path she takes in the future, it will always be illuminated by the sparks that she has lit and those she is yet to light.

Myriam Tessier

Externat Saint-Cœur de Marie

Myriam Tessier is passionate about children’s literature. Her favourite hobby is wandering around a bookstore to make new discoveries. From those discoveries, she instantly creates meaningful and stimulating learning situations for her students. She has a generous nature and shares all her creative ideas with her colleagues, even adapting them for other classes or cycles. Her passion is contagious. When she retires in June 2019, Ms. Tessier plans to give her entire classroom library to a teacher starting their career. She loves supporting beginner teachers and wants to take all of them under her wing. She also regularly welcomes education students into her class for their required practicums.

Carl Perrault

Literature professor
Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf 

Carl Perrault became a literature professor in 2004 and has headed the Prix littéraire des collégiens at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf since 2005. In addition to organizing the prize, he has been awarded a grant to allow each student to obtain all of the finalist books. Each year, close to 35 students are invited to read modern Québec literature and then discuss it. Mr. Perrault creates a pleasant atmosphere and encourages students to talk about what they read by acting as a colourful and enriching host. He has also been a member of the prize’s provincial coordinating committee since 2011.

On a pedagogical level, Mr. Perrault has a playful approach to reading. He captures the interest of his students by analyzing literature and comparing it to contemporary works, including books, television series or movies. Carl Perrault invests his time and energy into proving that the world of reading goes far beyond the traditional classroom context.

Marjolaine Séguin

Commission scolaire de la Seigneurie-des-Mille-Îles

Marjolaine Séguin is passionate about reading and children’s literature. In addition to being the librarian in her school board’s elementary schools, she never stops working to promote reading among students in different ways. Among other things, she presents in classes and supports teacher who would like to improve their classroom libraries to ensure students have access to literature that reflects their lives. In recent years, she has become an expert in rearranging school libraries to encourage students to spend more time in such a wonderful space that, to her, is much more than just rows of books on shelves. She also helped launch the Prix Espiègle, which rewards risk-taking books in children’s literature. Ms. Seguin is an extraordinary ambassador who spreads the joy of reading to every student that she touches, whether directly or indirectly!

Rébecca L. Bouvier

Commission scolaire de Rouyn-Noranda

Although she looks like a wise, timid and reserved librarian, Rébecca L. Bouvier is a passionate person who is devoted to her cause: lighting a spark in students. Ms. Bouvier wants every student to discover the joy of reading, expand their knowledge, share their passions and favourite books, and spread that joy to others. She serves the 19 elementary and secondary schools in the Commission scolaire de Rouyn-Noranda. She supports library technicians in secondary schools and volunteers as well as school administrators and staff, without losing sight of her first priority: the students. Her goal is to make reading accessible for all by offering a wide variety of children’s literature and constantly looking for activities to help encourage all students to read. She leads in-class workshops to spark students’ curiosity and give them the desire to read in addition to organizing battles of the books with authors. For secondary school students, she ran a parent-adolescent open house to help them discover the library. She provides training for students and staff to help them discover everything the library has to offer and trains volunteers who want to help this cultural space thrive. She helps put on the Salon du livre de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue and showcases student work at the school board’s kiosk, which she coordinates. Finally, she is an active organizer of the Festival des 1001 lectures by preparing activities and author visits. 

Angéla Lavoie

Commission scolaire de l’Estuaire

Since she started teaching, Angéla Lavoie has shared her passion for reading with her students as well as anyone else who crosses her path. Throughout the school year, she organizes various activities to spark a love of reading in both young and old. For example, at the start and end of the school year, the school’s 15 students will sometimes go and read on the seashore (biblio plage, which is a kind of library on the beach). Ms. Lavoie is so enthusiastic that she worked together with the author Madame Chose to create a book along with her students. The whole school is proud of this book, which ended up being published. Ms. Lavoie also organizes a special night of reading: students go to school in their pyjamas and volunteers read them fairy tales. Every two weeks, the school’s students take a field trip to the public library, and each spring they visit the Salon du livre de la Côte-Nord. The students wait all year for this trip! In short, Ms. Lavoie takes every opportunity to share her love of reading with the people around her. She is so passionate that even students with significant reading challenges persevere and become excellent readers thanks to her.

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