Examining Committee constituted under section 85.1 of the Charter of the French language (R.S.Q., C-11)

The purpose of this committee is to examine all reasoned requests addressed to the Minister that describe a serious family or humanitarian situation warranting a declaration of eligibility for instruction in English for a child whose request for eligibility based on the other criteria specified in the Charter of the French language (sections 73, 76, 81, 85 and 85.1) has been refused by a person designated by the Minister.

The examining committee reports its findings and recommendations to the Minister. When a child’s file has been transmitted to the Minister according to this procedure, the Minister may, based on the reasoned request and the recommendation of the committee, declare a child eligible for instruction in English.

The Committee is made up of three members designated by the Minister.

A request must:

  • be filed within 30 days of notification of the unfavourable decision
  • contain a thorough explanation of the reasons for which a child should be declared eligible for instruction in English due to a serious family or humanitarian situation
  • be accompanied, as applicable, by copies of the final report cards of the child for whom the request is being filed, and any other documents that may support the request
  • be forwarded to the Committee.

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