Governing Boards

About governing boards 

The education reform undertaken in Québec in the late 1990s included several lines of action whose ultimate goal was the academic success of the greatest possible number of young people. One such line of action provided for greater autonomy for schools, through the decentralization of certain powers and responsibilities with respect to educational services. In this regard, amendments to the Education Act allowed for the creation of a governing board within each educational institution.

The governing board is a decision-making body which, by establishing a management dynamic between the institution and the school board, gives schools or vocational training and adult education centres the resources required to meet the educational needs of all students.

The governing board carries out its responsibilities in a collegial manner, taking into account the respective roles of all members. This is an essential condition for ensuring that the educational action taken by the various participants serves a common goal, namely, the academic success of the greatest possible number of students.

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