Results on the june 2014 uniform ministerial examinations

In June 2014, 11 uniform examinations in the French sector and 11 uniform examinations in the English sector were administered to Secondary IV and V students. The examinations were held in five subjects: mathematics, sciences and history in Secondary IV and language of instruction and second language in Secondary V. The examinations are listed below.

  • Examinations in the French Sector
    • 055-410  Science et technologie, épreuve écrite
    • 057-410  Applications technologiques et scientifiques, épreuve écrite
    • 063-420  Mathématique – Culture, société et technique, raisonnement en mathématique
    • 064-420  Mathématique – Technico-sciences, raisonnement en mathématique
    • 065-420  Mathématique – Sciences naturelles, raisonnement en mathématique
    • 087-404  Histoire et éducation à la citoyenneté
    • 132-520  Français, langue d’enseignement, écriture
    • 134-510  Anglais, langue seconde, programme de base, interaction orale
    • 134-530  Anglais, langue seconde, programme de base, production écrite
    • 136-540  Anglais, langue seconde, programme enrichi, compréhension de texte
    • 136-550  Anglais, langue seconde, programme enrichi, production écrite
  • Examinations in the English Sector
    • 555-410  Science and Technology, written examination
    • 557-410  Applied Science and Technology, written examination
    • 563-420  Mathematics – Cultural, Social and Technical Option, mathematical reasoning
    • 564-420  Mathematics – Technical and Scientific Option, mathematical reasoning
    • 565-420  Mathematics – Science Option, mathematical reasoning
    • 587-404  History and Citizenship Education
    • 612-520  English Language Arts, reading
    • 612-530  English Language Arts, written production
    • 634-510  Français, langue seconde, core program, oral interaction
    • 634-520  Français, langue seconde, core program, oral and written comprehension
    • 634-530  Français, langue seconde, core program, written production

Presentation of the examination results

The tables on the Ministère’s Web site provide an overview of the examination results on the June 2014 uniform examinations and the results recorded (see Processing of results) for all of Québec and for each administrative region. The examination results and the number of students taking examinations are also indicated. Data on the examination results are transmitted to the Charlemagne system and are read in July after the June examination session (Source: MELS, SPSG, DSID, Charlemagne system, July 27, 2014 data).

In the tables, the results for all of Québec include all results obtained during the June 2014 examination session. Results for the public school system do not include those for the Cree School Board, the Kativik School Board and public institutions outside the jurisdiction of the Ministère, which are not presented here.

Results by educational institution (Tables 6 to 9)

The results presented in this section should make it possible to assess the performance of schools with respect to academic success. However, this information should be used with care, taking into account that various factors can affect students’ academic achievement. Such factors include the following:

  • the support and availability of parents, their financial situation
  • the family’s standard of living
  • the geographic location of the educational institution
  • the range of courses offered by an institution
  • the proportion of students whose mother tongue is not the language of instruction
  • the integration of students with special needs into regular classes
  • the grouping, in some schools, of students with major learning difficulties or psychosocial integration difficulties
  • different practices related to admission