Request for Approval

Submission of requests for approval

School boards and private schools must complete the Demande de reconnaissance ou de renouvellement d’un projet particulier de formation en arts, which is available in CollecteInfo Cet hyperlien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre., and send it to MEES.

As part of its initiative to streamline its administrative processes, MEES has moved all its forms to a single Web portal. One of the main objectives of this is to simplify the work of the school boards.

The user names and passwords for accessing the forms are available from your school board’s director general. Each educational institution is responsible for managing these user names and passwords and ensuring that they remain confidential.

Renewing a Request for Approval

Approval of a special school project in Arts Education lasts four years. By April 1 of the last year covered by the previous approval, the school board or private educational institution must submit a new version of the project to the Ministère if it wishes to maintain that approval.

The new version of the program may be based on the version that has already been approved, and which has since been adapted and enhanced on the basis of the annual reports that have been submitted.

The requirements concerning the development and submission of this new request for approval are the same as for an initial request.

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Deadline to submit a project: October 31st, for the following school year
Deadline to submit a request for exemption: before February 1 of the year in question


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Appreciation Form
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