Annual Report

In order to maintain contact with coordinators of Arts/Study programs and Concentration in Arts Education projects throughout the period for which they are approved, the Ministère introduced the annual report as a way of establishing meaningful collaboration with educational institutions. This report is a communication tool for determining whether these projects or programs are consistent with the Québec Education Program and whether the school organization is appropriate in this regard.

Submitting the Annual Report

In order to provide an overview of all the special pedagogical projects in arts education and make it easier to compile the data, all project coordinators are asked to send the information by May 31 of the current year, except for the renewal year.

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600, rue Fullum, 10e étage
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Deadline to submit the annual report: by May 31 of the current school year


  • Annual Report (available in Collecte-Info)
  • Subject-Time Allocations

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Appreciation Form
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