To encourage student learning and educational success through culture and the arts, the Ministère has established partnerships with Culture pour tous and Vision Diversité. The activities supported by these partnerships enable students to participate in art workshops and to have cultural experiences conducive to exploration, creation and a better understanding of themselves and their environment.

Culture pour tous

Culture pour tous has set up the Passeurs de rêves cultural mentorship program to help young people from 14 to 16 years old to stay in school, especially students with significant potential as well as those in special education, welcoming services or adult education. The partnership between the Ministère and Culture pour tous involves this program.

The Passeurs de rêves program has two components:

  • Group workshops

This component allows groups of students to participate, through a series of workshops with a professional artist, in the production of a work by the group or in social action in the community. These workshops help build self-esteem and promote collaboration as well as enable students to discover the joy of creative work.

  • Individual mentoring

This component provides students who are at risk of dropping out of school with the opportunity to be personally mentored by an artist or cultural worker. Through a series of individual meetings in the latter’s studio or workplace, each student will develop an artistic project based on something that interests them, in the subject of their choice. This unique experience enables students to learn about the occupation and catch the creative spark of the mentor, who provides them with a model of perseverance and a positive and creative vision for the future.

Schools that would like to get involved in this program can contact Culture pour tous directly to find out if workshops are offered in their region and to obtain additional information.

Vision Diversité

In addition to shining the spotlight on the human and artistic mosaic that enriches Québec culture, Vision Diversité partners with the education community to provide, through the arts, hands-on experience in community living and help students develop an openness to the world. The project Vivre ensemble par les arts (community life through the arts) helps meet one of the major challenges in Québec society, which is to educate young people to be sensitive to the issues related to community living and to be ready to thrive in a socially and culturally plural society.

The Vivre ensemble par les arts project has two main goals:

  • to adopt a new perspective on interculturalism in Québec, looking at it as a shared heritage enriched by the contributions of cultural diversity
  • to ensure that shared cultural references and space for artistic creation and expression, nourished by social diversity, are integral parts of community life

Vision Diversité offers the participating school boards a selection of workshops and projects that enable students to discover the contributions made by many cultures and the strength they generate when they come together.

Schools that are interested in this program can contact Vision Diversité directly to find out if there are activities planned in their region and to learn more about the program.

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