Composition of the Advisory Board

The Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports names the members to the Advisory Board. The term of office is normally three years. Candidates are nominated by the various English education associations and organizations that represent, among others, teachers, parents, school and board administrators and commissioners, as well as individuals involved in post-secondary education. Nominations can be received at any time.

In July 2007, Minister Michelle Courchesne named Cathrine Le Maistre as Chair of the Advisory Board on English Education. Ms. Le Maistre succeeded Gretta Chambers who chaired the Advisory Board for over 15 years.

In March 2014, Minister Marie Malavoy renewed Ms. Le Maistre’s three-year mandate as Chair of the Advisory Board on English Education.

Ms. Le Maistre, a member of the Advisory Board since 2006, was formerly a Professor and Associate Dean at McGill University’s Faculty of Education.

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Appreciation Form
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