Kindness is the key to harmonious interpersonal relationships at school

Kindness is the Key to Harmonious Relationships at School

The 2017 edition of the Anti-Bullying and Violence Awareness Week at School takes place from October 2 to 6. This year’s theme is Kindness is the key to harmonious interpersonal relationships at school.

In the context of this year’s theme, kindness refers to small, everyday actions that are imbued with good will and kindness and that are part of taking care of ourselves, others and our environment.

Research shows that a positive school climate is a factor in resilience and well-being and that it plays a key role in preventing violence. It has also shown a very strong correlation between a positive climate and quality of learning, academic success and the level of victimization at school.

To follow up the awareness-raising initiatives of recent years, school team members are asked to coordinate their actions and to be, both individually and collectively, models and guides to help the students develop their personal and relationship skills.

Student commitment to encouraging kindness is also a goal, particularly as an aspect of the school climate to be strengthened.

As an extension of the school’s educational mission, concerted action by adults and student commitment throughout the year will have a significant effect on the quality of interactions, the school climate, and everyone’s feeling of well-being and sense of belonging to the school.

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