Hooked on School Days

This year’s edition of Hooked on School Days will take place from February 13 to 17, 2017. This campaign, which is organized by the Instances régionales de concertation sur la persévérance scolaire et la réussite éducative du Québec (regional consulting authorities on student retention and educational success), aims to remind students, parents, people working in the education system, employers and regional stakeholders that they are all indispensable in the effort to encourage students to stay in school.

The purpose of the campaign is to mobilize and inform stakeholders about the importance of taking early and coordinated action to encourage students to stay in school, and beyond that, of supporting them throughout their school careers to enable them to earn a diploma or qualification. Numerous activities were organized all over Québec in the form of performances, lectures, e-cards, and more.

As a mark of solidarity, the public was invited to proudly wear the green and white ribbon that symbolizes the event.

Symbolism of the Hooked on School Days ribbon

The green and white ribbon symbolizes a value, a commitment to staying in school. Green stands for youth and hope. It represents young people, who need to be recognized and acknowledged in order to stay in school. White, a blend of all colours, represents the community which contributes to the development of its young people. The intertwining of the two ribbons illustrates the ties that unite young people and the community. The loop, open‐ended, holds the promise of a better future.

Wearing the Hooked on School ribbon shows your commitment to support young people in their efforts and in their educational success.