Tools and Services for a Healthy and Safe Sports Environment

Through the Concerted Action Plan to Prevent and Counter Bullying 2015-2018 and the Policy on Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation, the Ministère, in conjunction with its partners, is implementing measures to ensure that sports and recreation activities are supervised in an effective, ethical and safe manner.

These tools facilitate greater immediacy and effectiveness in the provision of concrete support, assistance and guidance services for young people involved in sports. These tools are also useful to any parents, coaches, sports organizations and volunteers who may directly or indirectly become aware of egregious behaviour in sports.

A help and support line

A toll-free helpline and a virtual support space provided by Sport’Aide (in French) are available to young people who may encounter abuse or violence in the practice of sports activities. The organization provides help, support and guidance services. It can be reached by email or by calling1-833-211-Aide (1-833-211-2433).


Information tool

The web platform (in French) is a single access point for people who are looking for guidance-related information and, if necessary, contact information for specialized resources. This tool provides all the information needed to promote a healthy and safe sports environment for young people. Through knowledge-sharing and awareness measures, the members of the sports community can better understand, manage and prevent violence, in whatever form it may take, in the world of amateur sports.

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