Professional Development and Information Sessions offered by the Ministère

The Ministère organizes training and information sessions on a regular basis for school staff, particularly teachers and education consultants.

General Education in the Youth Sector Session

During the school year, there are many professional development and information sessions offered by the teams responsible for the various subject areas in general education in the youth sector.

To obtain information on the Ministère’s professional development programs and registration, consult the documents listed on the right-hand side of the page.

Training: Implementing programs of study and back-to-school 2020

This training invites teachers to re-examine the principles, concepts, processes, approaches and strategies used in the teaching profession and encourages reflection on preparing for the school year and making adjustments as the year progresses. The training is divided into three modules:

  1. Learning and enabling learning: Embracing and implementing curricula
  2. Identifying students' needs to adjust educational planning
  3. Differentiated instruction through pedagogical flexibility: A response to mixed‑ability classrooms

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Appreciation Form
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