Amendments to the education act

The centre’s educational project

The governing board shall analyze the situation prevailing at the centre, principally the needs of the students, the challenges tied to student success and the characteristics and expectations of the community served by the centre. Based on the analysis and taking into account the strategic plan of the school board, the governing board shall adopt, oversee the implementation of and periodically evaluate the centre's educational project.

Reference: E.A., section 74.

SECTION II, Commissioners 

Role of the members of the council of commissioners

The members of the council of commissioners shall exercise their functions and powers with a view to improving the educational services provided for by this Act and by the basic school regulations made by the Government. To that end, the role of the members of the council of commissioners includes

  • informing the council of the needs and expectations of the population of their electoral division or their sector, as part of their contribution to defining the school board's directions and priorities;
  • seeing to the relevance and quality of the educational services offered by the school board;
  • making sure that the school board's human, material and financial resources are managed effectively and efficiently;
  • carrying out any mandate entrusted to them by the council of commissioners, on a proposal by the chair, for the purpose of providing information to the other council members on any specific matter.

Reference: E.A., section 176.1.

Commissioner: Attendance at meetings of the governing board

When carrying out a mandate under paragraph 4 of section 176.1, a commissioner may take part in meetings of the governing board but is not entitled to vote.

Reference: E.A., section 45.

SECTION III, Provisions pertaining to the members of the governing boards 

Initiation and ongoing training program

LThe school board shall ensure that an initiation and ongoing training program is offered to the members of the council of commissioners and the members of the governing boards, and that it meets their needs.

Reference: E.A., section 177.3.

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