Management Protocol

At the first sign or symptom of concussion following a report, impact or violent head movement that may have caused a concussion, or if there is any doubt concerning the information provided by the participant, or based on his or her history of concussions, you must be cautious and remove the participant from the activity, following medical advice and the Concussion Management Protocol procedures.

This protocol is a standardized approach based on scientific literature, expert consensus and best practices. It describes each of the following steps:

  • detection
  • observation period
  • initial rest and a progressive return to intellectual, physical and sports activities
  • medical evaluations
  • communication and coordination

The tracking sheet is used to collect information on the circumstances surrounding the removal from the activity, the symptoms reported, the medical follow-up as well as the progressive return to activities. It also facilitates the transmission of information among the parents, the educational institution, the recreation or sports organization and health professionals.

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