Resources and Documentation for Schools

Since the Action Plan to Prevent and Deal with Violence in the Schools was launched in 2008, several documents have been produced to support and guide school boards and schools in their efforts to provide a healthy and safe environment for students and staff. Training activities, workshops and a variety of tools are available to enable schools to gain an in-depth understanding of violence and its different forms, to empower school teams in the area of student safety and well-being, and to be better able to intervene with victims, witnesses and perpetrators of violent acts.

The school boards have each designated a person who is responsible for implementing the Action Plan in their schools, and most have set up a committee to put a local intervention strategy in place. These are the resource people to contact to obtain support materials.

The tools presented in this section include a checklist (in French only) for principals. This covers the action to take when a bullying situation occurs in their school.

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