The Measures

The action plan Violence in the Schools: Let’s work on it together! aims to align the knowledge available in preventing and dealing with violence, and the different intervention strategies and the practices used in the field. It is structured around four focuses that correspond to the objectives, measures and actions presented in this section.

These measures target aggressors and victims as well as witnesses, and some of them will allow parents to get involved and receive the support they need. In addition, they take into account violence among students as well as violence between students and adults.

Other specific issues have been considered, such as violence in young people's romantic relationships, the different dynamics specific to boys and to girls, and the situations in Aboriginal and other cultural communities.

The implementation of the different measures of this plan takes into account several essential components in preventing and dealing with violence in the schools, specifically, the personal characteristics of the young people involved, their development (physical, biological, cognitive and psychological factors) and their environment (family and school-related factors, as well as social, socioeconomic and cultural factors). These elements must be taken into consideration in any attempt to understand the phenomenon and to use intervention strategies.

Focus 1 : Prevention and treatment

Objectives :

  • Consolidate and reinforce actions by schools and school boards to prevent and deal with violence in the schools (six measures)
  • Intervene effectively and ensure safety during exceptional situations in the schools (one measure)

Focus 2 : Joint action and training

Objectives :

  • Increase collaboration and joint action among the various bodies concerned at the provincial level (one measure)
  • Better prepare school personnel to deal with the problem of violence in the schools (one measure)

Focus 3 : Research and documentation

Objectives :

  • Ensure that schools and school boards and the Ministère have a better understanding of violence in Québec schools (three measures)
  • Ensure that the schools and school boards are familiar with programs and activities for preventing and dealing with violence in the schools (four measures)

Focus 4 : Follow-up and evaluation

Objective :

  • To ensure that the action plan is properly implemented, and to assess its impact on young people and the school community (three measures)

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