Report on Implementation 2008-2011

Through the Action Plan to Prevent and Deal With Violence in the Schools, the Ministère intends to create a healthy and safe environment for all students and members of the school community. Unveiled in April 2008, the plan consists of measures designed to consolidate and strengthen the actions of school communities in this matter. The following table outlines the implementation of the main measures in this plan.

Measures Achievements
Profile of the situation with regard to violence in the schools The Ministère has provided schools with a framework to help them draw up a profile of the action taken to prevent and deal with violence in their jurisdictions.

Drawing up this profile is part of the implementation of the local strategy to prevent and deal with violence in the schools.
Regional support officers Regional support officers (RSO) are in place throughout Québec to help school boards develop their expertise with respect to the implementation of the local intervention strategy to prevent and deal with bullying and violence in the schools.
Regional resource groups Regional resource groups composed of representatives from the school system and partners involved in preventing violence are in place in the regions. Among other things, these groups enable their members to become more informed about ways of preventing and dealing with violence through the sharing of information, expertise and experience. The goal is to equip school communities based on their needs, the diversity of the school population and the characteristics specific to each region.

The RSOs coordinate the meetings of the regional resource groups and help them develop projects that address the needs and specific characteristics of each region.
Training and support sessions Training sessions have been held in each region in conjunction with the RSOs. These sessions are designed to help school boards and schools to implement their local intervention strategies to prevent and deal with violence, and to evaluate the impact of measures already in place.
Resources and documentation  
  • Pamphlets on the various forms of violence (bullying, homophobia, cyberviolence) have been published. Other pamphlets are forthcoming on the subjects of discrimination, violence among boys and girls, street gangs and violence in romantic relationships.
  • A review of the literature has been conducted.
  • A directory of resources for preventing and dealing with violence is also available.
  • Six information bulletins have been issued in conjunction with the Canadian Observatory on School Violence Prevention.
  • Materials (supporting documents, tools, guides) have been prepared to help the Regional Support Officers and school boards to implement the Action Plan to Prevent and Deal With Violence in the Schools.
Effective early intervention mechanisms A workshop was started to encourage the establishment of effective early intervention mechanisms: prevention, diagnosis and better intervention from the first moment difficulties appear as well as during the transition from elementary to secondary school.
This workshop, which is part of the local intervention strategy to prevent and deal with violence, is available to school boards and their partners.
Guidance and support service for suspended or expelled students The RSOs and key interveners offer a workshop for school boards and administrators on effective practices for dealing with students who have been suspended from elementary or secondary school.
Emergency intervention plan for school boards The school boards are updating their emergency intervention plans in conjunction with the police. Several boards now include a range of emergency situations, not just those involving violence, in their plans.

Training on the Reference Framework for Police Presence in Educational Institutions and on a model agreement is offered to school boards and school administrators in conjunction with local police forces.

MELS and other partners (through the Table provinciale de concertation sur la violence), young people and school communities are working in conjunction with the Sûreté du Québec and local police departments to prepare schools to deal with gun violence.
Local intervention strategy for schools (plan for fighting bullying and violence) The school board and schools are helped to implement and update their local intervention strategies to prevent and deal with bullying and violence. These strategies must take into consideration the profile of the situation, and include guidance services for suspended or expelled students, early intervention mechanisms, and procedures for reporting and recording violent incidents and for updating the emergency intervention plan.

The RSOs offer school boards training in strategy implementation.
Provincial profile of the situation and monitoring system The School Environment Research Group (SERG) of the Université de Montréal has provided the Minister with research reports on violence witnessed and suffered in Québec’s elementary and secondary schools. This research was carried out using the schools’ own profiles of their socioeducational environment between 2001 and 2005.

A monitoring plan to document violence in Québec schools has also been developed.
Basic training for future educators Meetings have been held with university officials to encourage them to include issues such as school violence in the basic training of future educators.

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