2018 Theme

Adults as Models of Kindness at School

The theme Adults as Models of Kindness at School highlights the role of school staff in modelling kindness and the impact this can have on creating a positive, healthy, caring and safe school climate. It has been shown that children learn social skills largely by observing a model they find effective (Bandura, 2006). Adults who are in daily contact with students play a major role in modelling behaviour, with their colleagues as well as with students.

Being a model involves . . .

  • behaving kindly: thinking of others, avoiding judgment of others, being mindful of the needs of others, believing in others, recognizing others, etc.
  • being polite: thanking people, apologizing, waiting, etc.
  • showing empathy: listening, understanding, helping, etc.
  • making the most of opportunities to address themes of well-being: modifying an activity to allow for group discussion, talking with a student after the break, etc.

The support document developed by the Ministère offers simple and concrete ideas for implementing the theme, which promotes kind behaviour and harmonious relationships modelled by adults in the school. These suggestions respect the conditions for effective interventions in school settings.

Objectives of this year’s theme

  • To promote kind behaviour and harmonious interpersonal relationships, modelled by adults in the school
  • To enable students to highlight the kind actions of adults in their school
  • To rally the entire school community around kind actions

The Government Strategy Against Bullying and Violence in the Schools was created in 2012 to increase efforts to end bullying and violence in the schools. Since then, pedagogical tools have been provided to support schools in this endeavour. Drawing on research-based practices, the 2018 theme builds on that of last year and is to be integrated into the annual planning.

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