Action Plan on Digital Technology
in Education and Higher Education

Students: At the Heart of the Digital Revolution

After mechanization, electrification and industrialization, a fourth important revolution—the digital revolution—is transforming the way we think, create, communicate, learn and work.

Québec's education system is an important incubator of change and innovation. To a large extent, it is education and higher education that will enable us to adapt, both now and in the future, and allow all members of society to have equal opportunity, educational success and the possibility of achieving their full potential.

The digital age is here and now. Let's make sure we're ready to make the most of all the possibilities digital technology has to offer. It's time for us to propel Québec into the future! (Video in French only)

Benefits for Everyone

  • Innovative teaching practices fostering educational success
  • Learners who are more invested and autonomous in their learning process
  • Tools to promote collaboration among all education stakeholders
  • Teachers and instructors trained in how to incorporate digital technology into their teaching practices
  • Means for facilitating follow-up and collaboration with families and encouraging family participation

An Ambitious Plan for Our Education System

Click below for an overview of the 33 measures contained in the first Action Plan on Digital Technology in Education and Higher Education, one of the key commitments under Québec's Digital Strategy and an important tool for the Policy on Educational Success.

Orientation 1: Provide support for young people and adults to develop computer skills Afficher le contenu

To modernize and adapt the way in which training is offered, skills are developed and digital literacy is fostered

  • Reference framework for computer skills applicable to all levels of education
  • Use of computer programming in educational activities in all Québec schools
  • Integration of digital technologies into the teaching practices of future teachers
  • Training and support for personnel working in education and higher education
  • Increased public awareness of the potential of digital technology and promotion of good practices

Digital Combo in Québec Schools as of the Beginning of the 2018-2019 School Year

State-of-the-art technological equipment

selected by school-teams based on their own particular challenges and needs, and divided into three categories: fleet of digital devices (e.g. tablets and laptops) / robotics / fabrication laboratory (Fab Lab)

Training for education professionals

during Québec’s provincial digital days. In addition, diversified, accessible training and support will be provided so professionals can enhance their ability to use such equipment for educational purposes.

Orientation 2: Use digital technologies to create added value for teaching and learning practicesAfficher le contenu

Through innovative practices, the pooling of resources and services, and the provision of distance education tailored to the needs of learners

  • Provincial platform for the education community to pool digital educational resources
  • Support for the acquisition and development of digital educational resources (education and higher education)
  • Support for innovative projects from kindergarten through university
  • Ministerial examinations in digital format
  • E-books made available in school libraries
  • Provision of accessible, diversified training based on the needs of different levels of education (higher education)

eCampus Québec: Accessible Distance Education

New virtual campus

where students will be able to consult and access, in just a few clicks, the entire body of distance education offered by Québec colleges and universities

Communal promotional tool

that will make it possible to increase synergy between institutions of higher learning, and to offer better coordinated distance education in line with the needs of the key sectors of Québec’s economy

An excellent way to permit students, throughout the province and around the world, to discover the distance education offered by Québec institutions.

Orientation 3: Create a climate that encourages the adoption of digital technologies throughout the education systemAfficher le contenu

To maintain an ongoing record that will accompany students along their educational path, to implement adapted and flexible digital guidelines and support, and to foster equitable and secure access to digital technologies

  • Unified file to accompany students throughout their educational path
  • Communication and collaboration between education professionals, students and parents, bolstered by the use and development of digital tools and resources
  • Support for the development of Québec’s educational technology (ed-tech) sector, an innovation ecosystem devoted to teaching and learning
  • Acquisition of digital equipment for teaching purposes (education and higher education)
  • Support for users of digital equipment (education and higher education)
  • Access to a reliable, secure, high-capacity telecommunications network (education and higher education)