Administrative aspects

  • As soon as it receives a response to its application for financial assistance, the school must communicate with the science organization. If the project is accepted, the school and the organization must sign a contract. If the application is refused, the school administration or a person designated by it must notify the science organization so that it can cancel the dates reserved for the science workshops at the school and/or the field trips.
  • There must be a contract between the school board or private school and the science organization. The contract must respect the terms and conditions of the Science Culture section and specify the points on which both parties have agreed. For example:
    • the project dates
    • the number of workshops or outings
    • the number of days
    • the fees and related expenses
    • the means of payment
    • the obligations and responsibilities of the school board and the cultural partner
    • the materials required and the terms and conditions associated with their purchase, which must take into consideration what the cultural partner needs to carry out the project
    • copyright terms, if applicable
    • clauses relating to contract cancellation or termination
  • If the workshop is to be held by videoconference, the parties must come to an agreement on the following points before carrying out the project:
    • the necessary material: computer, camera, microphone, speakers, whiteboard, etc. Certain tools can be used to optimize the meeting (e.g. 180-degree camera or swivel camera, microconference, headset or headphones)
    • an optimum Internet connection. A high-speed wired connection with broad bandwidth is recommended
    • the digital platform to be used
  • The school must find out if the school board requires the production of a single invoice listing all the eligible expenses in order to make the payment at the end of the project.
  • The school should also check to see if the school board has other administrative requirements concerning the payment.
  • The school or school board may request that judicial records of the representative of the science organization be verified before allowing him or her to carry out a project in a school setting. The procedures for this verification are specific to each school board or private school and the costs are the responsibility of the science organization.
  • The school board or private educational institution must sign a service contract with the service provider. All questions pertaining to contract management must be directed to the contract management advisor at the school board or educational institution.

Reporting on the use of the financial assistance

School boards

School boards that receive financial assistance under this program are required to submit, no later than June 30 of the current school year, a report on the use made of the funds they received. For this purpose, they must complete the form entitled Use of Financial Resources for the Culture in the Schools and Science Culture Components – Report by the School Board. The form is available through the CollecteInfo Cet hyperlien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre. website.

Private schools

Private schools are not required to submit a report on the use made of the funds they received. However, as the Direction de l'enseignement privé may verify applications for which financial assistance was granted, schools must keep any supporting documents related to such an application on file for three years.

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